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Juan Marin

Leader guide


Juan ¨enbiciado¨ as he defines himself, is passionate about the bike. An Amateur Cyclist who, in addition to riding very well and many km per week, is a promoter of the bicycle as a tool for equality and recognition. His passion for cycling blends perfectly with coffee, which is his second great passion, defining it as a form of Colombian identity, tradition, and pride.

Juan is a communicator by profession with an emphasis on audiovisual production, recording technician and audio processing. In 2012 he was the winner of the national culture award in the radio art category.

You will find it very entertaining to shoot with Juan, because in addition to his spark and good energy, you will be surprised by the good photos that he is able to capture during the rides and they will become the most memorable of your memories.


Our leading guide
February 2021
Joining the Colombia Cycling team
July 2019
We met him as a client uploading Letters with us


Technical skills as a cyclist80%

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