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Social and environmental impact

Social and environmental responsibility for us is more than a program, it is our contribution to a better world, for people and the nature that surrounds us. We treat our social and environmental impact as a primary measure of the success of our business, and we prioritize it even when it does not generate profitability.

In the training of our employees, we give as much priority to technical issues as to the importance we give to our collaborators and the environment.

We have woven a network of collaborators and allies with whom we have done personal and professional empowerment and development work, seeking that together we offer high-quality nature tourism that contributes to the sustainability of the planet and shows the best of Colombia.


The BICYCLE is a life and social transformer. We join our old and great friends of the Correcaminos Organization (NGO), who offer programs that improve the quality of life of the entire community, focusing on children and young people whilst articulating the process with their families.

For every km, you pedal during the tour, we donate 150 Colombian pesos to the Correcaminos Corporation.

CORRECAMINOS CORPORATION: With more than 25 years of experience, it seeks to support children and young people in their sports and personal training so that they contribute to a better society. They were winners of the 2010 EXEMPLARY COLOMBIAN award. 

Let’s get to know a little about Correcaminos: Nearly 1,000 students benefit each year from its programs:

  • TO SCHOOL BY BICYCLE: With the aim of minimizing academic dropouts, especially in the countryside (rural areas) where children and young people do not have means of transportation, since 2005 they have donated about 3,000 bicycles. This program integrates workshops on bike skills, mechanics, recreational, sports, and academic activities that enhance the benefits
  • RECREATIONAL AND COMPETITIVE PROGRAM: For 20 years, local mountain biking and road events have been taking place, where around 300 children and young people participate each year. The events also include their families and are the best motivation for children who, from the age of 2, regularly attend classes and training. The NGO has more than 150 bicycles to lend, carry out workshops, and train. The success of the program: What began at the local and regional level has led them to be considered one of the best mountain biking clubs in the country according to the Colombian Commission for Mountain Biking, with departmental, national, Pan-American champions and a youth Olympic champion, among them, Fabio Castañeda, Jhon Jairo Botero, Eddy Rendón, Jhonatan Botero, Mauricio Foronda, Bernardo Suaza, Cristian Aránzazu, Jeronimo Bedoya and Sara Botero. And as an organization, they were winners of the COLOMBIAN EXEMPLARY 2010 award in the sports institution category.
  • BICYCLE MECHANICS SCHOOL WORKSHOP: This program was born in response to the great difficulties that arose for the maintenance of the bikes of the “To School by Bicycle” Program. The NGO trains students in bicycle mechanics, generating not only a solution for bicycle maintenance in both urban and rural areas but also a source of income for the kids who finish high school and start college. Today bicycle companies that import use Correcaminos for assembly. The success of the program: 13 years ago they opened the doors of their own warehouse – Bicycle Workshop. A productive and sustainable model through which they grow and face new challenges.

Turning children and young people into adults who contribute to creating a better society.

“The adventure of life is to learn. The purpose of life is to grow. The nature of life is to change. The challenge of life is to overcome. The essence of life is to care. The opportunity of life is to serve. The secret of life is to dare. The spice of life is to befriend. The beauty of life is to give.”.​ 

William Ward.​

Legacy – Capacity building

For us, our family is all the allies, collaborators, entrepreneurs, and people we visit on our tours, we contribute to their well-being and economic development. We transfer knowledge and accompany them to improve their entrepreneurial skills and in the innovation of their products and services, seeking to strengthen the tourism sector and offer a world-class experience to all.

As a family, we grow, we promote the care of our planet and we have fun together showing the world the best of Colombia.

Sustainability is our philosophy

We are in one of the most biodiverse countries in the world. With landscapes, mountains, rivers and animals that will make you fall in love. Aware of the impact that tourism has, we seek to minimize our footprint as much as possible.
  • We minimize the waste generation and the use of single-use plastic: bottles, straws, bags, etc. We leave the places better than we found them, even if we have to stop on the road to collect litter.

  • We consume local products, prioritizing the products of farmers and entrepreneurs in the region. We support the vision of kilometer zero.

  • We support entrepreneurs: From uniforms made in Colombia to souvenirs, sports nutrition, and rental bikes, we make an effort to support Colombian entrepreneurs. 

  • We share because it is the best way to thank: around 8% of the value of the tour is distributed in tips for all hotel staff, transportation, restaurants, mechanics, guides, and other support staff who accompany us with all their passion and commitment. In addition, for each kilometer pedaled, we donate 200 pesos to the Correcaminos Foundation, which promotes a better quality of life for young cyclists and their families through cycling.

  • We strengthen a network of local artisans, shopkeepers, and entrepreneurs who help us develop wonderful surprises and create memories of Colombia. We believe and contribute to the strengthening of their capacities so that they can offer world-class service and products.

  • We share our country with the world: Because it is more than cycling, we offer an authentic cultural immersion where the traveling cyclist stops being a mere spectator to be the protagonist of unforgettable stories, in which you will not only learn a lot about Colombia and cycling but will feel like you have a new home from home.

  • We are coherent: Our company values are built on our own personal principles. This is why for us the company is all about spending time with friends and doing what we love, or as we’d call it in Colombia, a “parche”, we create it seeking to be happy. We take care of the planet through our personal choices, our food, and the way we move, we promote equality and the opportunities that are often created with a bike. 

Redefining luxury tourism

Providing a world-class service should not be associated with the concept of “waste.” We are consuming resources in proportions and rates beyond the regenerative capacity of the planet.

We are aligned with the new definition of luxury, which is based on the authentic, the time to enjoy a special coffee in the mountains, a personal bond, unique experiences, and memorable memories.

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