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This is our team

We are the best to show you "el encanto" of Colombia

Tomás y Marcela

Direction and strategic operation

Además de ser los fundadores, Marcel y Tomás estarán todo el tiempo tras bambalinas asegurando que el tour sea impecable.

Podrás tener la fortuna de rodar con Tomás alguno de los días del tour, con quien podrás aprender y mejorar tu técnica porque Juan es el mejor coach del equipo y su participación en carreras nacionales y departamentales lo llenaron de experiencias por compartir.

Marcela estará pendiente de los detalles de cada día y en contacto contigo todo el tiempo para asegurar que tengas una experiencia gastronómica que complementa perfectamente tu inmersión cultural en Colombia.

Juan F Marín

Leader guide

Juan ¨enbiciado¨ as he defines himself, is passionate about the bike. An Amateur Cyclist who, in addition to riding very well and many km per week, is a promoter of the bicycle as a tool for equality and recognition. His passion for cycling blends perfectly with coffee, which is his second great passion, defining it as a form of Colombian identity, tradition, and pride.

Juan is a communicator by profession with an emphasis on audiovisual production, recording technician and audio processing. In 2012 he was the winner of the national culture award in the radio art category.

You will find it very entertaining to shoot with Juan, because in addition to his spark and good energy, you will be surprised by the good photos that he is able to capture during the rides and they will become the most memorable of your memories.

Tomas Valencia


Life is built on experiences and learning. Tomas Valencia began his life in tourism as an adventure guide, hiking, torrenting, and climbing, but it was his passion for cycling that brought him together with Colombia Cycling.

Studies in languages ​​by profession and adventure by passion make Tomás Junior a perfect mix to join.

Manuel Diaz

Guide and Mechanic

Manuel Diaz is the heart of our guides, a sensitive person who connects with the strength and good spirit of the people. Every day he seeks to be better and that is why he is our ally so that our trips are better every day.

Before becoming part of our Colombia Cycling family, Manuel was dedicated to the world of live sound, where he strengthened his ability to solve problems, anticipate situations and provide solutions. A quality that contributes to our team in all logistical tasks for the operation of a tour.

Manuel is also studying actually and thanks to this he is our specialized team mechanic during the trips. With Manuel you can ride with intensity and he will be a great companion to help you overcome your own limits.

Making a foreigner feel at home is easy to achieve in Colombia since warmth, service, and empathy are part of the DNA of our country and of each one of our inhabitants.

Flavia Santoro, presidenta ProColombia.

Colombia Cycling Family

As a team we achieve extraordinary results

During the rides, you will always have a Cyclist guide, who will not only show you the best routes and Cycling tips to make it more efficient but who will also share the history, economy, and culture of our regions.

Don’t worry about anything, just dedicate your energy to enjoying our landscapes and to conquering the great challenges to which our mountains invite you, our group of specialized mechanics, car/motorcycle support, logistics team, and masseurs for athletes, will take care of the rest.

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