Why Colombia Cycling

Colombia enjoys perfect weather year round, allowing you to cycle the Andes Mountains, “Cordilleras de los Andes”, at any time.

Colombia’s varied geography of valleys, mountains, rivers, and coastlines offers an experience unlike any other.  You will visit historical and traditional towns, sample Colombian cuisine, see a tremendous variety of biodiversity, and cycle through the flower fields and coffee farms that have made Colombia famous.

Once a country crippled by its reputation of drugs, violence and corruption, Colombia has undergone major transformations, leading to increased safety and a booming tourism industry. We are proud of our country and have always felt a responsibility to bring awareness to others about Colombia and its progress.

After having experienced road cycling trips around the world, we wanted to merge our passion and knowledge of cycling with our pride of Colombia. There is no better way to experience Colombia and all that it offers than by bicycle! We strive to show the new face of Colombia through bike touring, training camps, and adventure holidays. During our excursions, you’ll get a chance to see some of the tourist hot spots in addition to many of Colombia’s best-kept secrets. The locals will show you the way.

Each year, Colombia welcomes 2.3 million foreign travelers looking for new places to explore. In the last two years, Colombia’s tourism industry has grown 15% and Medellín, our hub for most Colombia Cycling tours, was mentioned as one of the New York Time’s “Where to Go?” destinations. “El País”, the biggest newspaper in Spain, wrote about Colombia and 21 of its small towns to discover, five of which are near Medellín.

Whether you are a beginner, a hobby or an avid cyclist who loves travel and unparalleled experiences, you cannot miss the opportunity to ride in Colombia. We strive to ensure the absolute best experience for riders of all levels. 

Come ride through Colombia with us and “Feel your ride”.

¡Bienvenido a Colombia!



  • Tomás

    Beginning in March 2001, I began a journey through Europe that combined my love of cycling with my love of travel amongst good friends. Along with four Spanish locos, I cycled through the Alsace in France, passed through Germany’s Black Forest, and worked up my appetite to enjoy Austria’s famous chocolate cake! I later continued onto Northern France, the South of Spain, and Portugal. The experience solidified my belief that cycling is the best way to know a place, and living abroad, learning about European cultures, and seeing such incredible landscapes marked a milestone in my life.

    After 3 years in Europe, I returned to Colombia and I couldn’t help but ask myself why I had not started a company in my home country for others to have similar experiences. My mind was made up; I quit my work for Medellín’s City Hall and the State Government of Antioquia in order to dedicate my life to my greatest passion, cycling. I cannot wait to share my excitement for cycling and Colombia with you!


    After dedicating 10 years of my life to supporting start ups and developing innovative projects for Medellín’s transformation, I was excited for a new challenge and opportunity that quickly began with Colombia Cycling. With Colombia Cycling, I am able to combine my love of travel, my desire to meet new people and my instinctual “motherly hospitality”. I look forward to hosting you!

    Come and share this experience with us. Colombia is waiting for you.

    Colombia Cycling is bike touring, adventure cycling and so much more. We look forward to planning your upcoming trip with you, everything from the big ideas down to the smallest of details. Discovering Colombia and all that it offers, while creating lifelong friendships, is an experience we will never forget.

    Tomás y Marcela Founders

  • There’s no need to worry about anything during your trip to Colombia. During all rides, an expert rider guide who will show you the best routes Colombia has to offer in addition to sharing Colombia’s history and culture.

    We’ve worked with and arranged for the best accommodations, restaurants, and attractions to ensure that, not only your cycling adventure is enjoyable, but that your entire Colombian experience is first class.

    We have also built a community of Colombian cycling enthusiasts who will gladly share experiences and bike rides with you. Our professional mechanics, supports cars and motorcycles, and paramedics will cover anything else you may need. Knowing that everything is taken care of will allow you to relax and simply enjoy your journey with us! “Feel your ride”

  • Colombia Cycling

    Be with Locals

    We are a Colombian-based company, founded and managed by Colombians who know the country, its culture, its history, the best things to do, the most delicious places to eat, and the greatest places to see. You’ll meet the locals of different towns and live a true Colombian experience you’ll never forget!

    Colombia Cycling


    We worked for more than 10 years developing programs for tourism, innovation and economic development in the public sector before starting Colombia Cycling. These experiences have allowed us to network well, create more cycling opportunities and to develop a huge background of knowledge about the places we visit. That, combined with a semi-professional cyclist as a principal guide, will give you the chance to live a great experience.

    Colombia Cycling

    Size Matters

    Our touring groups are small (5-12 people), so we are able to provide a lot of individualized attention. Whether that means we give you cycling advice to improve your skills or we chat about cycling adventures or Colombia, we look forward to getting to know each of our visitors.

    Colombia Cycling

    Be our Guest

    Our bike tours are planned and run by the owners of Colombia Cycling, and we care and evaluate the tours down to the smallest of details. Our knowledge of Colombia, its terrain, its history, and of cycling will ensure a great trip, both on and off the bike.

  • We have had happy customers from around the world; here are a few of their testimonies. If you would like to speak with someone from your country or area about their wonderful experience in Colombia, we would be happy to put you in touch with them.


    “Just finishing up an amazing cycling trip in Colombia. The rides, hotels, food and culture were truly exceptional. Colombia Cycling took care of all the details so all I had to do was ride and enjoy! I will be back soon!!”


    “This has been the greatest cycling trip I have been on in my life (and I have been on a few!) The organization, service, and planning have been exceptional. The rides are challenging, but you are supported all the way. It is an experience I will never forget and it is all thanks to Marcela and Tomas!”


    “Without a doubt, this has been the best cycling trip I have been on! The organization and attention to detail is of a very high standard. Tomas’ knowledge of paisa culture, Medellín, Antioquia, and of Colombia more generally was impressive. He was a fascinating guide, cycling companion and wonderful human being. He has travelled widely, both in Latin America and worldwide, so his frame of reference for an international cyclist visiting Colombia is spot on. I have already spoken with him about returning to cycle in the north of the country. See you next winter!”


    “It was an even more wonderful trip than we were expecting! Thank you for introducing us to the most beautiful country and for helping us plan our own trip in a place that is one of the best in the world for cycling. All things have pros and cons and, after this trip, the only con is that there won’t be another cycling trip as good as this one!”


    “There are a lot of cycling tours but you will not find many that give you an opportunity to ride roads used for training by Colombian pro riders and that also take you thru some of the most beautiful landscapes of Colombia. Colombia Cycling's tour takes you for a 'spin' around the flower region, the lake around Guatapé and, if you still did not have enough of climbing, you can climb El Peñol with its 649 steps (I passed on it). Overall, Tomas and his crew delivered a fun day in the saddle. Nothing was rushed, full support was included and Tomas' knowledge about the various sites, history of Colombia and cycling made the whole experience super enjoyable.”


    "Colombia has always been a mythic place to ride for me. I couldn’t wait to be riding in the training grounds of Uran, Betancur, Henao, Quintana and many more.

    To me, there is no greater place to ride and challenge yourself than Colombia. I can say this with great reflection on the efforts needed to push my body over each and every climb.

    I learned to enjoy my limits on a special ride from San Cristóbal to Belmira. Riding with Tomás and a friend, Matéo, with an incredibly special guest, David Hincapie, following us in the car behind, I knew our ride was going to be great, but this was an absolutely unforgettable ride.

    'The Little Swiss,' an area know for its dairy production and beautiful rolling hills, offers breathtaking views and incredible challenges. I was mesmerized at the tranquility of the landscape, as the perfectly groomed hills flowed seamlessly along the road, just one of the precious views this region of Colombia has to offer.

    With each rolling climb, I welcomed an impressive altitude as well, climbing higher and higher than I've ever been before. Rolling along at 2500 meters was a feeling that is impossible to find anywhere else. I loved every minute, every climb, and each and every town I passed through along the route. But what did I love most? The company.

    If you learn one thing from riding with Colombia Cycling, it's that you can never dream of a ride as good as the one you're on when you ride with them. Thank you to Tomás and Marcela for the best cycling trip ever.


    Few lands compare to the lush Andean coffee plantations and farmlands of Antioquia. Add safe, world-class, country roads that reward the visitor with intact, unspoiled heritage villages, such Santa Fe de Antioquia, each full of local produce, bustling “café” markets and friendly people, and you’ve got a recipe for some unforgettable rides. The adventure awaits…”


    "I want to say a massive thank you to you for an amazing experience riding around Medellín. I can't think of a more beautiful way to experience a new city. I loved everything you show us, all the food you introduced us to, and the wonderful company you were to ride around with. I would recommend you to everyone! Thank you!"


    "It was an adventure into the unknown , something unimaginable in where I could shoot above the clouds descend into the bowels of the jungle and end with a sprint in a freshwater sea " .

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