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Yair Toquica

Cyclist guide and bike mechanical support


Yair is passionate about cycling with over 15 years of experience in competitive and recreational cycling. He has participated in various competitions on the national calendar, including the Vuelta a Colombia and the Clásico RCN. Although he is a shy young man, if you sit down to chat with him, he can share his race experiences, nutrition tips, how to prepare for long rides, how to recover the body after these extensive journeys, and basic recommendations on group riding, among other tips.

Yair enjoys walking, swimming, and reading, and as a good cyclist, he possesses mechanical knowledge and helps us ensure that your bike always looks shiny before tackling Letras, as he will always be accompanying you on this important challenge, being from Tolima, the department where this great climb begins.


Technical skills as a cyclist95%
Mechanical skills85%
Cycling level90%
Physical education skills60%
Knowledge of the territory60%

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