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This is our team

We are the best to show you "el encanto" of Colombia

Tomás y Marcela

Direction and strategic operation

In addition to being the founders, Marcela and Tomás will be behind the scenes all the time ensuring that the tour is impeccable.

You may be lucky enough to ride with Tomás on one of the days of the tour, with whom you can learn and improve your technique because Tomás is the best coach of the team and his participation in national and departmental races filled him with experiences to share.

Marcela will be attentive to the details of each day and in contact with you all the time to ensure that you have a gastronomic experience that perfectly complements your cultural immersion in Colombia.

Jessica Santana

Leader and logistic support

Jess, as we affectionately call her, is a physiotherapist, fitness trainer, and nutritional coach by profession, and she is also passionate about sports and healthy living. You’ll enjoy pushing yourself to the limit with her in our mountains.

What will captivate you most about Jess is her charisma, her positive attitude, and her willingness to learn and improve constantly.

If you want to learn a few Reggaeton steps to “chicaniar” in your country, you can learn from her and enjoy the Latin flavor of Colombia.

Daniel Jimenez

Cycling guide and bicycle mechanic specialist

Daniel J is more than just an amateur cyclist; he was a semi-professional cross-country racer in the United States, where he lived for 15 years. Alongside his father, he runs a bicycle shop through which he has strengthened his skills in bike servicing, bike operation, and its components.

His life is filled with stories, and his resilience is one of the main protagonists. It’s through these experiences that one of his greatest passions today is sharing the wonders of Colombia and spreading his joy and excellent service to all its visitors.

His motto is “When you do everything from love and passion, the results will always be good.”

Diego Villa

Cyclist guide and specialized mechanical service

Diego is an amateur cyclist and passionate about competing in mountain biking. He’s been a bike mechanic by vocation for 10 years, a keen reader of manuals that are hard to come by these days.

That’s why we highlight his ability to learn on his own, because his greatest support is reading, researching, and constantly pushing himself to stay up to date with everything that he’s passionate about – luckily for us, cycling, bikes, and mechanics.

He’s a calm person full of energy, and you’re sure to catch his laughter.

Known as “El Flaco” or “El Pez” by people, he flows, and his tranquility brings that peace that is sometimes required during a tour operation, managing to balance the energy so that what seems like a problem finds a solution. “Getting to know new cultures and, above all, making new friendships that nourish the spirit, offering the best experience on every trip or wherever we find ourselves,” that’s Diego’s motto.

Making a foreigner feel at home is easy to achieve in Colombia since warmth, service, and empathy are part of the DNA of our country and of each one of our inhabitants.

Flavia Santoro, presidenta ProColombia.

Colombia Cycling Family

We achieve extraordinary results as a team.

During the rides, you will always have a Cyclist guide, who will not only show you the best routes and Cycling tips to make it more efficient but who will also share the history, economy, and culture of our regions.

Don’t worry about anything, just dedicate your energy to enjoying our landscapes and to conquering the great challenges to which our mountains invite you, our group of specialized mechanics, car/motorcycle support, logistics team, and masseurs for athletes, will take care of the rest.