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Frequently Asked Questions

There are already hundreds of Colombia Cycling ambassadors around the world, with whom you can have a coffee or share the experience of their bike tour around our country through a call. They will tell you how they improved their skills with the advice of Tomás, who has raced in local competitions. Colombia is a country full of culture, rich gastronomy, traditions, and our wonderful people who will surprise you every day with their warmth. We share some frequently asked questions to make it easier for you to decide to choose Colombia as the next destination for your cycling hollidays. Live an authentic experience in the true Colombia Cycling style.

Travel logistics

I have heard about Colombia's bad reputation. Is Colombia safe?

Yes, Colombia is safe. All the regions we will visit for cycling are “recommended areas” for travel and have been marked as safe zones (

At Colombia Cycling, we are in constant contact with the authorities and stay updated on any eventualities that may arise in these areas.

If you would like to speak with a cyclist who has already ridden with us to learn about their experience, let us know, and we will connect you with someone nearby.

Can I use US dollars in Colombia?

The Colombian currency is the Colombian peso (COP), and it is the only officially accepted currency. US dollars are sporadically accepted in some stores. If you don’t have Colombian pesos, don’t worry; we can assist you with currency exchange at a bank or exchange office.

What is the best way to get to Medellin?

Medellin has the second-largest airport in Colombia and is well-connected to the rest of the world. We suggest you come through one of the following cities listed below, instead of through Bogotá, as the capital’s airport is more congested and may experience flight delays.

  • Panama City: 45 frequencies per week
  • Miami: 21 frequencies per week
  • Fort Lauderdale: 14 frequencies per week
  • Madrid: 5 frequencies per week
  • Atlanta: 7 frequencies per week
  • New York: 4 frequencies per week

What is the weather like?

Colombia enjoys the best weather all year round. Being located on the Equator, we don’t have the typical four seasons of other countries. There are some months (April and November) when we experience refreshing rain; however, it never lasts long enough to prevent us from riding. Temperatures range from 12°C (54°F) in the morning to 32°C (90°F) at noon. We usually start our rides around 7:00 a.m.

Do I need a visa?

Many citizens from other countries do not need a visa to come to Colombia; it is sufficient to have a valid passport for a vacation stay of less than three months. You can find a list of countries that do not require a visa at the following link:

Do I need any vaccinations?

No, you don’t need any vaccinations for the regions where we ride. If you are considering extending your stay in Colombia and visiting other regions like the Amazon, you will need to provide certification for the yellow fever vaccine. Feel free to share your plans with us, and we will help guide you accordingly.

What should I pack for my tour?

Nuestra mayor recomendación es que empaques liviano! Además tus ropa y accesorios para las rodadas, te recomendamos ropa cómoda y casual, ya que visitaremos pequeños pueOur top recommendation is to pack light! In addition to your cycling gear, we suggest comfortable and casual clothing, as we’ll be visiting small towns where the dress code is very relaxed. Additionally, bring a small backpack to store jeans, a T-shirt, and comfortable walking shoes. This backpack will go in the support vehicle and will be available to you when we stop to visit places along the way.

Take advantage of the trip to have our special Colombia Cycling suitcase for cyclists, with compartments tailored to all cyclists’ needs: accessories, clothing, bottle, helmet, and cycling shoes. This helps us keep all your belongings organized and ready for daily transportation. The suitcase you arrived with will be stored securely until the last day of the tour.

What to expect on the tours?

What kind of accommodation do the tours offer?

All our accommodations are double occupancy. We want you to experience the unique culture in the regions where we ride, so you will find diversity in the types of accommodations. Expect well-located lodgings with comfortable, typical, and welcoming rooms. If you prefer single accommodation, there is an additional 20% charge for the tour you choose.

I don't speak Spanish, is there any problem?

Don’t worry! We speak Spanish, English, French, and Italian. If you speak some Spanish, the locals and farmers we encounter in the different regions we visit will be happy to welcome you and teach you phrases and expressions typical of their culture.

What happens if I need to change or cancel my trip? What is the cancellation policy?

The $500 USD deposit is non-refundable. However, we would be delighted to have you join us in the future, so head to the “Payment Policies” section and explore the various transfer, deferral, and cancellation options we have for you.

Can I travel with my partner?

It doesn’t matter if your partner is a cyclist or not – you can definitely come with your partner! Ask us about our companion plan, whether your partner also wants to ride a bike or, in the case that your partner doesn’t cycle but wants to explore Colombia and enjoy other activities while you enjoy the ride. Either way, both of you will have an amazing trip!

Should I tip the guides from Colombia Cycling?

Tips are not mandatory nor included in the tour; however, our guides would be very happy to know they did a good job. This gesture will show that you are pleased with the knowledge, professionalism, and service of our company. The customary tip for service companies in Colombia is around 10% for satisfaction.

Can I book one of the tours for my group?

Yes, your group can join one of our scheduled tours from our calendar. You can also book a private tour or a customized plan that suits your needs. Get in touch with us, and let’s plan the best tour for you and your group together.

Can I travel alone?

We would be happy to have you on any of our tours. If we don’t have a scheduled tour for your travel dates or if you prefer an individual tour, we can design a trip for you based on your preferences and needs. You are sure to enjoy it!

About the rides

What happens when the groups have cyclists at different skill levels?

We love having groups with different skill levels. However, for Colombia Cycling, the most important thing is to ensure that everyone enjoys the ride. There’s no problem if some cyclists need a break or want to finish the ride at some point; the support vehicle will always be behind the group assisting.

How does riding at high altitude affect me?

If your body is not accustomed to altitude, the first few days can be a bit more challenging than expected. The initial rides are always gentler to allow the body to acclimate. You also have the option to arrive before the tour begins. For many people, the body adjusts to the altitude within 24-48 hours.

How does altitude training impact my physical condition?

Altitude training is used by many athletes to enhance their potential. Colombia is filled with various elevations, allowing you to sleep and ride at altitude. This increases your red blood cells, leading to better oxygenation and improved physical capacity.

Should I train for my bike tour?

Cycling is the best way to explore a country and its culture. We recommend being in good shape to maximize the enjoyment of the rides. 

If it rains during our rides, what happens?

It’s likely that we’ll get wet at some point during the journey, as it occasionally rains in certain months of the year. Fortunately, our rides are in the morning, and rain typically occurs in the afternoons and/or evenings. In any case, don’t worry; you’ll hardly feel it, and you won’t freeze in Colombia.

How are the roads and terrain during the rides?

Colombia is traversed by the Andes mountain range, which means we are surrounded by mountains, and you’ll encounter long climbs and many inclines. The best part is that the roads are freshly paved, ensuring smooth rides.

How many cyclists are there in the tour groups?

Our groups range from 5 to 12 cyclists, not including our support staff. For customized tours, we may have groups of more than 12 people. Our logistics team will assess the situation and provide support according to the group’s needs.

What should I pack for the tour?

Don’t forget your essential riding gear, including cycling shoes, pedals, saddle, sunglasses, and a helmet (mandatory). The weather doesn’t vary much throughout the year, so temperature depends more on the altitude of the rides. We’ll be cycling in temperatures ranging from 12-32°C (54-90°F), so we recommend arm warmers, a vest, and a windbreaker or a lightweight waterproof jacket.

What should I pay special attention to during the rides?

In addition to the beautiful landscapes, you should be aware that we have many curves and changes in elevation during the routes. Always pay special attention during descents, as due to the curves, sometimes the next part of the road is not visible. We also have friendly dogs on the road, so you should be alert and give them space.

On some small roads, you may encounter speed bumps, so always grip the handlebars with both hands. Remember that in small towns, restaurants, and rural areas, you should not drink tap water.

About our discounts

Are there discounts for groups?

We have two types of group discounts: “Group Leader” or “Riding with Friends.”

The “Group Leader” or “Agency” gets a free tour if they organize a group of 10 or more cyclists for the same tour.

“Riding with Friends” gives you the opportunity to distribute the discount among you and your friends. Groups of 6 to 8 cyclists: 4% discount for each. If couples join: 10% discount for the couple. Groups of 9 to 15 cyclists: 7% discount for each. 

Is there any discount for referrals or returning customers?

We love catching up with cyclists we haven’t seen in a while and meeting their friends! If you’ve ridden with us before and want to come again, we offer you a 10% discount to tackle our mountains once more.

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