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Our story

In 2010, in a car, with the disassembled bike in the trunk (trying not to let the clients notice it too much) and their bicycles on a simple rack attached to the car, Tomas led Colombia Cycling’s first tour. We were the first company to do such a thing, and to this day are the leaders in cycling tours in Colombia.

However, the story begins between 2000 and 2003. Tomás was completing his master’s degree in economics in France and cycled more than 6,000 kilometers around Europe. Cycling in Europe is incredible, but Tomas knew that cycling in Colombia was just as good! It has the perfect climate all year round. It has the Andes mountains, impressive landscapes, colonial towns, very friendly people, delicious local food and is easily the oldest cycling culture on the continent. He thought, why not start cycling tours in Colombia?

Between 2004 and 2011, upon his return from Europe, Tomás began to compete and train with Santiago Botero (2002 UCI ITT world champion). Santi became his mentor who guided him in the needs of a cyclist, the logistics and operations behind a professional cycling team, taught him skills when riding in a peloton and a lot of other specialist techniques; especially on how to descend. Today the “capito” is one of the great inspirations of Colombia Cycling and a great friend.

Between 2013 and 2014 Tomas and Marcela explored many ways of making this business idea a reality. They explored setting up a cycling consultancy for local businesses. They went to international expos, consulted with other cycling companies around the world, attended Gran Fondos in the United States, organized cycling parades in Colombia (the first urban transport bike fair in Medellín), set up the Gran Fondo Hincapie Colombia and participated in the first round of business with Procolombia.

In 2015 we carried out the first Procolombia FAM (Familiarization Trip) related to cycling and we were able to bring 6 international agencies to get to know us. BOOM !! The perfect design was born, bike + Experience, it is not just coming to ride, ending up dead after each ride, it is discovering Colombia, its gastronomy, its people and our cultural wealth.

2017!! What a memory!! We began reaping what we had sown. We led our first two tours with groups of cyclists! After that, many more arrived, who come back every year to Colombia.

Now we are not only Marce and Tomas, we are a network of allies, guides, mechanics, masseurs, and friends who have seen us grow. We no longer disassemble bikes to put them in the trunk, there is space and racks for bikes. We continue pedaling and discovering new and better experiences because our passions are riding bikes and sharing with the world the magic that our country has to offer.

“We guarantee that you will have the best cycling experience and will take away incredible memories of an unforgettable vacation.”

Tomás and Marcela

The founders


I never thought that 6,000 km by bike around Europe, working as Secretary of Economic Development for the Government and being a good cyclist with several races won, would be the perfect mix to create a company. Colombia Cycling allows us to show the world that the best place to ride a bike is Colombia. Not only because of the great challenges that our mountains bring and that have made our “Escarabajos” famous, but also because of the culture and historical and local knowledge that we can share on the rides.


After spending years supporting and advising entrepreneurs and companies, Colombia Cycling allowed me to combine my passion for travel and creating experiences. My energy, hospitality, ability to connect with people and my dedication to taking care of the smallest details, makes our tours one of the best memories of your life. I have curated the best accommodation, restaurants and attractions to ensure that you not only have a wonderful adventure on your bike, but also off it.

Colombia Cycling pet

TRÉBOL, (CLOVER) A black cat with yellow eyes is the Colombia Cycling Pet

On an exploratory trip through the coffee zone, while Tomás

was riding his bike and Marce was in the car and the sun was setting, we saw a pair of eyes and stopped. We were in the middle of nowhere and suddenly a kitten was walking toward us. He seemed hungry and all we had to give him were granola bars. It is rare for a cat to come close to people, yet it surrounded us with its tail and continued to eat cookies. What to do? Should we adopt it? Well, if the cat gets into the car, he will have chosen us. The kitten jumped on Marce’s legs and accompanied us for more than 3 days, sleeping outside the hotels for free, the next day always ready to continue our journey together. Despite bringing home a fungal infection, his sparse tail looking like an arrow and his gremlin-like ears being hairless, today after many years he is our companion, friendly with all the cyclists who visit us, and our official mascot. If you want to have a TREBOL with you, climb Letras! Just as the prize of the Tour de France is a Lion, if you finish El Alto de Letras with Colombia Cycling you will receive a Trébol, your lucky cat.


All these recognitions would not have been possible without a network of allies, friends and collaborators who also put passion into it.

This is our team

A family passionate about cycling and showing the best of Colombia

Tomás y Marcela

Direction and strategic operation

Jessica Santana

Leader and logistic support

Daniel Jimenez

Cycling guide and bicycle mechanic specialist

Diego Villa

Cyclist guide and specialized mechanical service

Daniel Anzola

Leader guide and logistical support

Yair Toquica

Cyclist guide and bike mechanical support.
Memorable experiences100%
Routes, adventures and challenges on the bike85%
Service, warmth, new friends90%


One of the things that we are most passionate about is working with local small businesses to generate synergies, passions and common dreams. Thanks to these friends it is possible to offer an impeccable experience and positively impact society and the country. At the same time we try to share with them principles of social and environmental responsibility.

“The great achievements of any person generally depend on many hands, hearts and minds”

Walter Elias Disney

Textile industry

Colombia has one of the oldest textile industries on the continent. The story began in small workshops and shops in 1870, today there are around 500 companies dedicated to the textile sector and there are about 10,000 formal manufacturing production plants operating. Medellín is one of the main cycling clothing hubs in the world. If you are interested in this, ask us to schedule a visit to see the production plant.

Sports nutrition and cycling accesories

We take care of every detail in this sport: the rest, the active phase and the recovery phase. Our local partners produce the best range of sports nutrition. Mechanics ensure continued maintenance of the bikes. Accessories and spare parts are available in case you need something during your trip.


Delegated by the National Government for the promotion of exports of goods and services, the attraction of foreign direct investment to Colombia, and the positioning of the country as a tourist destination.

We join the Colombia Travel program to enchant world travelers so that they fall in love with the most welcoming country in the world.

“The great achievements of any person generally depend on many hands, hearts and minds”

Walter Elias Disney

Hotels "Mi casa es tu casa"

Can we stay one more day in this hotel? A phrase that we hear very frequently from our clients, but as soon as we arrive at the next destination they say the same thing. Authentic, world-class accommodation in the best location for riding. From the quality of the pillows to the tranquility of the rooms, we’ve given it our approval and we are in constant communication with the owners to offer an unbeatable experience according to the needs of cyclists. “Con mucho gusto!”

Lifelong memories

Memories are important. We remember what is most meaningful to us and we want you to remember the moments of great happiness, the pride you felt with your achievements and the deep emotions you experienced with us. To do this, expect the personal touches you will experience to be supporting local entrepreneurs, artisans, farmers and creatives. They truly help us transform this trip into one of your best, lifelong memories.