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Cycling Tours

Discover the breathtaking landscapes, conquer challenging routes, and immerse yourself in the rich cultural tapestry of Colombia cycling tours. Our trips are crafted to not only satisfy the avid cyclist but also to create lasting memories of an enchanting and unforgettable adventure. Get ready for a cycling tour experience that goes beyond the pedals and becomes a cherished chapter in your travel memories. Welcome to the unforgettable world of Colombia Cycling!
The Hollywood of cycling

Cycling around Medellín

5 nights - 5 rides
Tour price$1,280 USD
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Our Signature Cycling tour

8 nights - 7 rides
Tour price$2,400 USD
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Gravel Cycling tour

5 nights - 5 rides
Tour price$1,380 USD
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Single day -Cycling trip

1 cycling day
Tour price$130 USD
The best way to get to know Medellín!

Medellín city bike tour

Between 3 and 4 hours
Tour price$60 USD
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Alto de Letras Colombia

8 nights - 7 rides
Tour price$2,980 USD

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