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Why book with us?

  • We are locals and we know the routes deeply.
  • ¡We are cyclists! We are not only your tourist option by bike in Colombia, we are passionate about bikes
  • We have more than 10 years of experience sharing our country with the world
  • National and international awards and recognitions
  • We speak your same language: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Spanish

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Gravel Cycling tour

  • Groups from 2 to 8
  • Difficulty 4/5
  • Available from 2 rides, 1 night

Custom tour

Remember that you can customize this tour according to your needs, times or budget.

Immerse Yourself in the Essence of Colombian Culture and Cycling Tradition.

Embark on a journey with us as we delve into the heart of a typical Colombian town, celebrating its unique gastronomy, crafts, culture, and, above all, the rich cycling tradition that defines us.

Join us for an unforgettable experience that showcases the charm and authenticity of this vibrant community. Welcome to a Cycling trip like no other, where you’ll not only explore the local flavors and craftsmanship but also witness the deep-rooted cycling heritage that sets our towns apart.

Discover the beauty of Colombia through its traditions, and let us guide you on a tour that promises to leave you with lasting memories.

Colombia is gravel by nature. Do not miss this tour. Get to know the most authentic COLOMBIA.


  • Live a cultural immersion experience in the best Colombian towns
  • Train in the same places as the mythical Colombian cyclists
  • Recharge with energy with the majestic Colombian landscapes
  • Enjoy visiting special and little-known places in Colombia

Arrival city


Departure city


What includes

  • Transportation airport – hotel – airport.
  • Lodging in double accommodation.
  • Water, electrolytes, special sports drinks, juices, snacks (cereal bars, fruits, etc.), available before, during and after all the rides.
  • Guides in your language: English, Italian, Portuguese, and French.
  • Mechanical service in case of bicycle repair.

Does not include

  • Additional services
  • Taxes
  • Any other service not described
  • Alcoholic drinks

Additional services

  • Early arrivals or departures will incur a $50USD fee. Arrangements for accommodations and food are an additional charge.
  • Full kit Colombia Cycling (bib short and jersey; Special Edition) $150 USD
  • Sports Massage: $40 USD
  • Colombia Cycling bag (60 USD), giving you the space you need for all your essentials, cycling gadgets, bike helmet and clothes.
  • Bikes for rent are available at a price of $55 USD/day

This is how our experiences are lived

Hotels and gastronomic and authentic experience


Day 1Arrival

Upon arrival, we pick you up at the José María Córdoba airport in Rionegro, which serves the city of Medellín.

We assemble the bikes (in case of rent we do a quick fitting) and have a welcome meal, where we enjoy our gastronomy. Colombian cuisine is very diverse and varies according to the different regions of Colombia. During dinner, in addition to celebrating the great adventure that is about to begin, we will have a tour exhibition where we present the details of the trip.

Day 2Home Backyard

Welcome to a day of acclimatization on our tour! Embark on a leisurely ride through the outskirts of the town, exploring the local ‘backyard,’ as we like to call it. This gentle cycling excursion provides the perfect opportunity to fine-tune your bikes while enjoying a coffee break at the renowned farm of Lino, one of the area’s most famous producers. Surrounded by fields of potatoes and corn, soak in breathtaking views of the town that will be our home for the coming days. As we meander through the day, we’ll also take a stroll through the local cemetery, gaining insights into the rich cultural tapestry of the community. Join us for a day of relaxation, adjustment, and cultural discovery as we prepare for the exciting adventures that lie ahead.

  • Distance: 41,6 Km.
  • Elevation gain: 1.147 m.

Day 3Versalles

Explore the renowned Versalles Crossing on our day tour—an essential route through the mountains of Antioquia, where cycling legends, including world champions, honed their skills. This journey will lead us through the coffee lands of El Retiro and into a private forest plantation, offering ample time to peacefully revel in breathtaking landscapes.

During our visit, we’ll be welcomed into Nora’s home, where she’ll treat us to coffee from her own estate, along with snacks and avocados fresh from her farm. Nora will share insights into the resilience of Antioquian women and provide a glimpse into her program supporting female coffee growers. Join us for a day filled with scenic beauty, cultural richness, and the warm hospitality of the Colombian mountains.

  • Distance: 51,4 Km.
  • Elevation gain: 1.425 metros.

Day 4Waterfalls

The time has come to head to Normandy, and no, we’re not talking about France!

Venturing through a private reserve, we’ll be treated to unparalleled views of the La Fe reservoir, a crucial water source for much of Medellín. Along the way, we’ll encounter one of the highest waterfalls in El Retiro, cascading 30 meters down, offering a refreshing stop if the day’s heat beckons for a cool break.

  • Distance: 52 Km.
  • Elevation gain: 1.696 m.

Day 5Carmen de vivoral

Embark on a journey to the heart of ceramics in Carmen de Viboral, where Colombia’s most iconic pottery is crafted.

From there, our route leads us to the heights of Alto de la Madera, transporting us to the municipality of La Unión, known for its production of milk and potatoes. Returning to La Ceja, we’ll traverse paved roads, capping off a fulfilling day of gravel exploration.

  • Distance: 79,9 Km.
  • Elevation gain: 1.802 m.

Day 6Around Medellín

Embark on a day of exploration as we introduce you to the vibrant city of Medellín, often referred to as the City of Eternal Spring, celebrated for its remarkable social transformation, and more.

Before immersing ourselves in the city’s rich culture, our journey takes us through Parque Arvi, tackling a challenging second-category climb that feels like a first-class experience on gravel terrain. Along the way, we’ll marvel at breathtaking views of Medellín, traverse an ancient path, and visit a lagoon that likely served as a sacred site for our ancestors’ rituals.

After a refreshing shower and a delightful lunch, we make our way to Medellín, ready to immerse ourselves in the unique charm of this dynamic city.

  • Distance: 58,3 Km.
  • Elevation gain: 1.353 m.

Map of the trip .... coming soon!


How do you accommodate different levels of cyclists on the same trip?

We love having groups of mixed-ability cyclists. That being said, though, we want all riders to enjoy their experience; we understand the need for some cyclists to take a break now and again. We always cycle with a support car, so any cyclist may ride in the car in any moment.

How will cycling in high altitudes affect me?

If your body is not used to high altitudes, the first few days can be slightly more challenging than expected. The first rides of our tours are “easy going” to get use. We offer also an option to arrive early! For many people, the body adjusts to the altitude within 24-48 hours.

How does training in a higher altitude improve my physical shape?

Training in high altitudes is one way many athletes improve their overall potential. Colombia is full of varying elevations, so you will sleep, ride, and live in altitudes much higher than most people are used to. Doing so will increase your red blood cell counts, which can improve your athleticism.

Should I train for my trip?

The bike is our favorite way to get to know a country and its culture. We recommend that you be in good shape to maximize your enjoyment. Also you will enjoy your experience the most if you choose a plan that best matches your cycling level. Please ask for our Cycling Level taste to calculate your level and to determine which plan is the best fit for you.

What happens if it rains during our rides?

It’s likely that we will get wet at some point during the trip, as rain isn’t uncommon, especially during certain times throughout the year. Fortunately, though, we do most of our rides during the morning and the rain usually occurs in the late afternoons and evenings. Either way, you won’t freeze in Colombia!

How many cyclists do you allow on your tours at one time?

Our average, our cycling groups have between 7 and 12 people, and the planned tours max out at 22 people (not including our staff). Our logistics team will evaluate these situations according to your needs and how we can best accommodate your group.

What kinds of accommodations are provided?

All of our lodging accommodations are double occupancy. We want you to experience the unique culture of each area we ride, so the specific types of accommodations vary by region. All accommodations will be comfortable, welcoming, and conveniently located.

I’ve heard about Colombia’s reputation as a violent and corrupt country. Is Colombia safe?

Yes, Colombia is safe. All the regions that we will visit to shoot are “recommended areas” to travel to and have been marked as safe areas. ( At Colombia Cycling we are in constant contact with the authorities and we are updated on any eventuality that may arise in these areas.

If you want to talk to a cyclist who has already ridden with us to find out about their experience, tell us and we will put you in touch with someone who can be close to you.

Professional support

We love our country and riding a bike

There are already hundreds of Colombian ambassadors around the world, with whom you can have a coffee or share their experience in our country in a call. He will tell you how they improved their level with the advice of Tomás who ran local races. Colombia is a country full of culture, rich gastronomy, traditions, and our wonderful people will surprise you every day with their warmth. Live an authentic experience in the best Colombia Cycling style.


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