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+57 314 717 6809

Daniel Anzola

Leader guide and logistical support


Daniel is a lover of adrenaline, adventure, and extreme sports. With a background in tourist guiding, he is trained to handle emergencies in remote areas and to plan expeditions and trips around Colombia and South America. He is an active member of the ACGME (Colombian Association of Mountain Guides).

Passionate about enjoying life, simple things, nature, and ultra-distance cycling races. When he’s not with us, he spends his time climbing mountains, running around the world in gravel events, or enjoying his Rancho, a local mountain lodge open to tourists.

With a structured mind, calm demeanor, creativity, and a passion for sharing the best of our country with the world.


Mechanical skills75%
Technical skills as a cyclist90%
Cycling level85%
Physical education skills85%
Knowledge of the territory85%

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