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Diego Villa

Cyclist guide and specialized mechanical service


Diego is an amateur cyclist and passionate about competing in mountain biking. He’s been a bike mechanic by vocation for 10 years, a keen reader of manuals that are hard to come by these days.

That’s why we highlight his ability to learn on his own, because his greatest support is reading, researching, and constantly pushing himself to stay up to date with everything that he’s passionate about – luckily for us, cycling, bikes, and mechanics.

He’s a calm person full of energy, and you’re sure to catch his laughter.

Known as “El Flaco” or “El Pez” by people, he flows, and his tranquility brings that peace that is sometimes required during a tour operation, managing to balance the energy so that what seems like a problem finds a solution. “Getting to know new cultures and, above all, making new friendships that nourish the spirit, offering the best experience on every trip or wherever we find ourselves,” that’s Diego’s motto.


Mechanical skills100%
Technical skills as a cyclist95%
Cycling level90%
Physical education skills70%
Knowledge of the territory 70%

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